Sweat Wars!

Weight, level of fitness, genetics and temperature affect how much men and women sweat, but numerous studies have found that regardless of any of these factors, men are the sweatier sex.

Going for Triple Platinum

We’re excited to announce that our 3 fab new Salt of the Earth scented natural deodorant sprays have been entered in the 2017 Janey Lee Grace Platinum Awards!

It’s a hat trick!

Something very exciting has been happening behind the scenes at Salt of the Earth, and finally it’s time to share the news! We have 3, yes 3! New natural deodorants...

It’s getting hot in here!

It may seem like summer is a long way away, but if you suffer from prickly heat, summer can be an uncomfortable season that you could do without. So,what causes this nasty reaction to heat?

Aloe Vera - The Super Hero for Skincare

Aloe Vera is the well-known super hero of the natural skincare world, incorporated into a vast array of personal care products. Check out our Top 6 Natural Uses for Aloe Vera.

Do fragranced deodorants irritate sensitive skin?

It's quite common to get underarm irritation from your deodorant or antiperspirant, but it’s not necessarily the fragrance your skin may object to.

Kind to Skin, Kind to Mums

During pregnancy a woman’s body undergoes a significant transformation and changes to the skin are particularly common...  

Eco-Chic: The Green Benefits of our Natural Deodorants

Natural deodorants are more than just good for your body; they’re better for the environment too! The use of only natural ingredients in our deodorants means we’re in tune with the environment and nature, we...