Wholesale & Trade — Where Business Meets Freshness! 

At Salt of the Earth, we're not just about keeping you fresh; we're about bringing an extensive palette of deodorant choices to the table. With the world's most diverse range of deodorant formats and fragrances, we cater to everyone.

From bustling metropolises in over 35 countries to the corner shop on your street, our scents are making their mark globally! 

Why Partner with Us? 

A Global Scent-sation

Since 1993, our independent, family-owned venture has been at the forefront of innovation in natural deodorants. Our scents don't just travel; they embark on world tours, delighting nostrils across the globe. 

Inclusive Aromas

Whether you're shopping for men, women, or children over 6, our fragrances are designed to be universally appealing.  

Certifiably Natural

We're not just about smelling good. We're about doing good. Our products are 100% Natural COSMOS Certified, with the Vegan Society, Leaping Bunny, and Vegetarian Society seals of approval. 

Eco-Conscious Refills

In a world clamouring for sustainability, be the change with our refillable roll-on, spray, and stick deodorants. Because the only thing we should be leaving behind is a great scent. 


With over 40 accolades under our belt, our products don’t just stand out on shelves; they practically leap off them.

British Craftsmanship

All our sprays, sticks, roll-ons, and balms are lovingly made in our UK-based, state-of-the-art deodorant factory. Because who said the Brits were only good at tea? 

Wonderful UK Wholesalers

For UK retailers eager to sprinkle our scents across your inventory, we collaborate with A.Vogel, CLF, and Hunts Food Group. Click the links below to check out their websites. Already working with them? Brilliant! You’re practically part of the family. 

Direct Line to Freshness

Fancy stocking our entire range? Direct is best! Get in touch using the contact form below, and we'll guide you through a breezy sign-up. Our B2B online store is your one-stop-shop for all things fragrant.  We offer £150 minimum order for UK.  

To Our Esteemed Distributors: 

Already spreading the joy of Salt of the Earth scents? The B2B Portal is your express lane to restocking or exploring what’s new. 

International Distributors, Take Note: 

Our reach is as international as our fragrance selection. From bulk buys to pallet shipments, we’re seasoned in satisfying global demands. Interested in joining our scented journey? Let’s start the conversation below. 

Custom Creations: 

Dreaming of your own deodorant line? Let’s talk contract manufacturing. With a minimum order quantity of 2,000 units, we tailor our creations to your specifications. Because uniqueness should extend beyond just scent. 

Dive into a world where deodorants are more than just a necessity; they're a statement. With Salt of the Earth, refresh your shelves, invigorate your offerings, and let’s make the world a fresher place, one scent at a time. 

Because let's face it, in the world of business and beyond, everyone appreciates a breath of fresh air. 

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