Kind to Skin, Kind to Mums

Kind to Skin, Kind to Mums - Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorants

During pregnancy a woman’s body undergoes a significant transformation and changes to the skin are particularly common.

Increased blood hormone levels account for the majority of these changes, which could include darkening of the skin pigmentation, increased sensitivity, itching and rashes.  And if that’s not uncomfortable enough, pregnancy naturally increases your blood flow and metabolism, which often results in excessive sweating!

As we all know, sweating is a natural bodily function and at Salt of the Earth we believe this shouldn’t be hampered by the potentially harmful chemicals found in traditional antiperspirants. If you’re pregnant and suffering from underarm irritation, it may be that your antiperspirant is the cause and what was fine pre pregnancy, isn’t working with the natural biological changes that your body is going through presently.

Try switching to a natural deodorant – it will work with your body, allowing perspiration, but keeping you fresh by neutralising body odour.  As most expectant mothers will testify, pregnancy is a time when you’re particularly cautious about what you put in your body and the products you use, so choose a natural deodorant that is aluminium and paraben free – the chances are, even post pregnancy you won’t look back!


Skin changes may be common during pregnancy, but always get them looked at by your GP for that extra peace of mind. 

Always do a patch test when using a new product. 




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