World Environment Day!

World Environment Day!

Each of us, we only borrow the earth for a short time – and then we hand it over to the next generation. On World Environment Day, we acknowledge the damage we have collectively done to the earth and more importantly, we focus on reversing it. 

On the official website of World Environment Day, it says that we cannot turn back time, but we can grow forests, revive water sources and bring back soils. This is such a message of hope, but also one that requires immediate action.

Here at Salt of the Earth we aim to do our bit. We offer refillable deodorants that help reduce plastic waste and we also offer plastic-free options that come in glass jars or cardboard tubes. So far, we’ve helped reduce waste of over 500,000 plastic bottles through sales of our refills.

We also help grow forests through the Ecologi scheme – you can find out how many trees we’ve funded since 2020 here.

It’s easy to think that your individual efforts don’t add up to much, but by choosing products and brands that are sustainable, eco-conscious and help restore the earth, you create change.

So, thank you for supporting us! We aim to keep pushing forward, bringing you more eco-friendly deodorant options in the future while focusing on sustainability. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve, you can always contact us to share your ideas.


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