Why Potassium Alum is Your Armpit’s Best Pal

Why Potassium Alum is Your Armpit’s Best Pal - Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorants

Aluminium is the third most abundant element on the planet. We consume it in our food, our water and through products such as deodorants. Most traditional antiperspirants contain Aluminium Chloride or Aluminium Chlorohydrate, ingredients which react with amino acids and peptides in the skin, forming a layer which blocks the sweat glands in your underarms. These pore-clogging ingredients prevent perspiration, which can hinder the natural elimination of toxins.

Why is Potassium Alum different?

Potassium Alum is a natural mineral salt used as an alternative to Aluminium Chloride and Chlorohydrate and is the sole ingredient of our Crystal Classic Deodorant. Its antimicrobial properties have been celebrated in traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years, used as a topical astringent, an antiseptic for wounds, acne and tonsillitis and a toner to tighten the pores. Potassium Alum (also known more commonly as ‘alum’ or ‘ming fan’ in Chinese medicine) was also taken as a decoction dissolved in water to alleviate stomach problems or in its powder form to remedy bleeding gums and mouth ulcers.

Potassium Alum is comprised of large molecules that sit on the surface of the skin, creating a barrier. Its alternative, Aluminium Chloride, is comprised of much smaller molecules than Potassium Alum, meaning that it is absorbed by the skin and plugs the sweat glands, preventing the release of unwanted chemicals in the body.

How does it work?

It is a common myth that sweat causes that unpleasant body odour when it is in fact the underarm bacteria reacting with the sweat which causes odour. A Crystal Deodorant made from Potassium Alum works by gliding across the skin’s surface when damp, forming a porous barrier that prevents the odour-causing underarm bacteria from multiplying. Crystal Deodorant doesn’t congest the sweat glands and allows you to sweat naturally without getting that ‘sweaty’ odour. Perspiration is a natural process which purifies and cools the body. Sweating also aids the process of expelling toxins from the body, including the:

  • Detox of heavy metals
  • Elimination of BPAs
  • Bacterial cleansing

Why choose Salt of the Earth?

Our multi award-winning Crystal Classic Deodorant is unisex, free from synthetic chemicals and offers long lasting protection with no white marks. This best-seller is now available in fully recyclable cardboard packaging, so you can reduce your plastic waste whilst staying odour-free.

Established in 1993, Salt of the Earth is an environmentally friendly, family-owned brand that produces paraben free, Vegetarian Society and Vegan Society approved natural skincare products. Since the launch of our pioneer product, the Crystal Classic deodorant, Salt of the Earth have developed a range of award-winning deodorant sprays, roll-ons and travel sprays formulated for men and women. Find our range of products at your local Waitrose, Boots and Holland & Barrett across the UK and Europe or online - just search ‘Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorants’.



  • Jean on

    I have been using a Potassium Alum Crystal for several months. It is awesome. I can sometimes go four days without reapplying it. Also it is interesting, my underarms actually have a musk perfume scent when I use the crystal. This is only evident several hours after application of the crystal. I don’t know if that is my natural scent that has become unmasked by the crystal or it is the crystal reacting with my body chemistry.

  • Sarah on

    Such an amazing deodorant. I’ve been using it for years and I love the new plastic free version!

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