What To Do If Your Classic Gets Broken

So you have finished with your crystal deodorant, but there is a little left in the bottom or you've dropped it and it's broken into shards ... what do you do? Well you could make an unscented or scented natural deodorant spray. If you have a pump spray bottle handy, a heat proof container a kettle and some water; you are ready to go. If you would like a scented natural deodorant get ready to add a few aromatherapy oils to your natural spray deodorant.

Step 1: Dissolve the crystal
Remove the leftover crystal deo from its packaging and put it into a container able to withstand boiling or very hot water (not aluminium).

Step 2: Stir it up
Boil your kettle and let it stand for two minutes. Then pour 100ml of water onto the crystal. Stir gently for 5 minutes, cover and leave for an hour.

Step 3: Let the natural deodorant solution cool and stir again
After an hour stir again for 5 minutes. Most of the alum should have dissolved.

Step 4: Transfer into spray bottle 
Pour into the spray pot and wait until it has fully cooled before first use.

Step 5: Add aromatherapy oils to your new natural deodorant spray
Choose which aromatherapy oils you would like to use and put 20 drops into the bottle, after it has cooled. The oil will sit on the top of the water, so you will need to shake it before use.

Now you have a home-made natural deodorant spray but be sure to use it within a month as without proper processing it will not last as long as a Salt of the Earth Spray. Watch out where you make the spray too, because the mineral salt can mark some house hold surfaces, particularly granite and marble. 


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