Want to Avoid Alcohol in Your Deodorants?

Our Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorants are completely free from alcohol. If you choose to use alcohol free cosmetics for religious, personal or health reasons, you can be sure Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorants are the perfect solution.


What is alcohol?

Alcohol is the technical term for a large family of chemicals.

There are three common types of alcohol used in cosmetics; denatured alcohol, aromatic alcohol and fatty alcohol. These types of alcohol are very different to the type found in drinks such as beers, wine and spirits. Crystal Spring deodorants are 100% free from any type of alcohol.

Alcohol has many uses in cosmetics; it is most commonly used for its antibacterial properties, as a lubricant or as a preservative.

Alcohol in cosmetics can cause irritation and drying to the skin. This is particularly the case with denatured alcohol.

Alcohol can be easily recognised in ingredients listing as its name will end in ‘OL’.


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