Unscented Deodorants

Unscented Deodorants

What are Unscented Deodorants and How do they Work?

Unscented deodorant is a product that is used to cover up or prevent body odour, but does not include fragrance of any kind. Many people question the logic of an unscented deodorant, since they believe that strong fragrances are needed to cover any hint of BO. Well, I’m here to tell you that that’s simply not the case and unscented deodorants have many additional benefits, particularly natural crystal deodorants.

Body Odour is caused by bacteria on the skin breaking down sweat and creating chemicals that emit that distinctive BO smell. A truly effective deodorant is one that works to prevent odour-causing bacteria from forming, rather than simply masking the smell. Crystal Spring’s natural unscented deodorants do just that: they work by leaving a very thin layer of antibacterial mineral salts on the skin, preventing bacteria from growing and offering long lasting protection against BO.

The Benefits of Unscented Deodorants

Many people find they suffer from an allergy or sensitivity to fragrances; which can cause irritation and redness of the armpit and irritation to the eyes, nose and throat. The allergies and sensitivities are caused by the chemicals (usually listed in the ingredients of a product as ‘parfum’) used to make fragrance. Unscented deodorants do not contain these chemicals and so allergy sufferers may find them to be a better option. It is important to note that whilst there is no parfum in unscented deodorants, there may be other chemicals that cause irritation. For a chemical-free option try an unscented natural crystal deodorant, it may be a safer bet for those with sensitive skin.

Additionally, unscented deodorants have no cloying scents, do not clash with your perfume and do not leave that delightful sweat- fragrance mix on clothes. You know the smell I mean. That sickly deodorant scent mixed with sweat that can be really hard to budge? With unscented crystal deodorants your clothes continue to smell like clothes. So, if you really wanted, you might even get away with a second wear.

Finally, unscented deodorants are unisex, so if you’re out grocery shopping for the whole family, you can save time and squabbles by buying unscented deodorants. Just try not to get them mixed up at home!


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