Salt of the Earth Spray Refill

Salt of the Earth Spray Refill

Our Refill contains 1 litre of our well-loved Salt of the Earth Spray and can be used to refill your 100ml spray bottle up to ten times! You can even refill your travel spray bottle too.

This product has proven to be very popular as an environmentally and economically friendly alternative to buying 10 individual sprays. While you may not ordinarily buy ten sprays at once, having the refill handy at home means you'll never run out, it also means less shopping trips, less money and less plastic waste! It has a shelf life of one year after opening, making it perfect for individuals, couples and large families alike.

Buying the Refill saves you a massive £19.91 compared to buying 10 individual 100ml sprays. Buying in bulk often means spending more money in the long-run, either through postage or because the product goes out of date and goes to waste, but with our free p&p and long shelf-life you can be sure the savings are genuine.

Environmentally speaking, one refill uses much less plastic than 10 individual sprays. The energy consumption during manufacturing and delivery is much less too. While we aim to make everything we do as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible, there is no doubt that the Refill is our most 'green' product.

To find out more about the Spray Refill, head over to the product page here.


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