How to start your natural deodorant detox

how to switch to natural deodorant without smelling

Spring is the time for new beginnings and a fresh start. Perhaps a time to spring clean your body with a deodorant detox.

You may wonder 'but what does that mean?'  Well, in simple terms, it's making the switch to a natural deodorant.

When looking at the ingredient list of any standard anti-perspirant deodorant found on the supermarket shelves, you may find it is full of synthetic chemicals So the question is whether we can get the same effectiveness from a deodorant that only has natural ingredients.

Going 'au naturel' may be scary for some, especially if you feel dependent on heavily fragranced deodorants and anti-perspirants to deal with your sweaty armpits. However, making the switch to natural doesn't mean that you don't use anything; it means that you will only use products that have natural ingredients. 

Making the switch to using a good natural deodorant may include a detox phase, but don't let that put you off.

In this blog post we explain why it's worth ditching your usual antiperspirant or deodorant.

Why consider a deo detox?

If you're looking to reduce the chemical overload on the skin, then considering a switch to a natural deodorant is a good idea. Our bodies are designed to sweat and we should always remember that sweating has an important function in the body: to regulate our body temperature. Of course, this doesn't mean that we want everyone around us - and ourselves included - to smell our BO wherever we go. After all, we don't want to trade in our social life for a natural deodorant...

Just like you may consider a better diet that works in line with your body, you may want to try a deodorant that works in harmony with your body's sweat but doesn't try to fully suppress it.

The difference between antiperspirant and deodorant

In short, antiperspirants reduce sweating while deodorants reduce and neutrallise body odour.

Antiperspirants contain aluminium-based chemicals such as aluminium chloride or chlorohydrate   thatblock the sweat pores so reducing that amount you sweat. This means that armpits feel drier, which for some people is an important reason for choosing an antiperspirant over a deodorant. However, preventing perspiration can hinder the natural elimination of toxins which is a concern for some people.

Deodorants on the other hand aim to reduce armpit odour. It's not the sweat itself that creates a smell, but the bacteria living on our skin that feed on the sweat, breaking it down, to release the unpleasant body odour. . Deodorants may contain ingredients that prevent bacteria activity and absorb sweat   as well as fragrances for extra confidence.

The switch to natural deodorant

When you first change to a natural deodorant, you may experience a detox transition period - which could  last from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the person.  You may even find your sweat smells more than normal. This could be caused by the fact that if you remove the sweat gland blocking effect of the antiperspirant you were using before, your body starts releasing all the waste in your armpit that has been blocked off. This causes your body to go into overdrive for a while, creating more sweaty smells.

Just keep this in mind that this is a normal part of switching from antiperspirant to natural deodorant. This smelly detox period won't last for long!  Drink plenty of water and exercise, this helps to flush out the toxins quicker.

We understand the challenge of transitioning to a natural deodorant and we formulate all our products with these challenges in mind. Aluminium chlorohydrate free (of course!), our deos have been formulated with a host of hard-working actives; moisturising ingredients, like shea butter and coconut oil, sweat-absorbing agents, arrow root and diatomaceous earth, and antibacterial zinc oxide to help soothe any irritation. 

As Salt of the Earth offers one of the biggest natural deodorant ranges in the world, we know that there is going to be a natural deodorant type and fragrance that will be your perfect fit. All you have to do is browse the range, find your perfect natural deo, make the switch and start your armpit detox!


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