How Long Will My Salt of the Earth Deodorant Last?...

How Long Will My Salt of the Earth Deodorant Last?...

Answering this FAQ about the longevity of our deos.   It very much depends on frequency of use and how much care is taken to look after the crystal deodorants. The list below is what we believe to be an average life time.

Classic/Rock Chick: 6 Months +
Travel: 6 Months +

Our crystal deodorants work because they are water soluble, but too much water can wear them down and prematurely age them. To make them look younger for longer just keep them as dry as possible, no need for anti-ageing creams here. Our two top tips are:

Dry the crystal after use: Dry the crystal after use with a towel, cloth or tissue. This stops water dissolving the crystal while you are not using the product and will help to make it last much longer.

Don’t get it too wet: If you are like me and turn your tap on full and hold the crystal under it for a good few seconds then your deo crystal will disappear in no time (well a few weeks). However if you use your crystal deodorant on wet skin after a bath or shower or just wet the tip of the crystal under the tap, your deodorant will last much longer – possibly even years!

Do both of these things and your crystal deodorant will last much longer than you expect.


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