Commitment to Sustainability: Why We're Proud to Be a Living Wage Employer

Commitment to Sustainability: Why We're Proud to Be a Living Wage Employer

At Salt of the Earth Deodorant, our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our eco-friendly products. We believe that being truly sustainable involves supporting not just the planet but also the people who make our journey possible. That’s why we are proud to be a certified Living Wage Employer. Here’s what that means for our team, our community, and you, our valued customers.

What is a Living Wage?

A living wage is not just the minimum wage. Instead, it is a wage that allows employees to afford a decent standard of living, covering not only basic expenses such as food and housing but also enabling participation in community life and emergency savings. It reflects the real costs of living in a specific community.

Our Journey to Living Wage Certification

Our journey to becoming a Living Wage Employer was driven by our core values: respect, integrity, and responsibility. We realized early on that if we wanted to make a real impact on the world, we needed to start by ensuring our team members were supported not just in the workplace but in their personal lives as well.

The process involved evaluating our entire pay structure and making necessary adjustments to ensure all employees, from production staff to administrative personnel, were earning a living wage. It was a significant step, but one that has paid dividends in employee satisfaction and retention.

The Benefits of Being a Living Wage Employer

For Our Team: Being a Living Wage Employer has led to increased morale within our team. Employees feel valued and respected, which reflects in their work quality and overall job satisfaction. We’ve seen lower turnover rates, reduced absenteeism, and a more committed workforce.

For Our Community: Paying a living wage contributes directly to the local economy. Employees with more disposable income can afford to buy local, support local services, and contribute to the economic health of our community. It also sets a standard for other businesses, encouraging a community-wide uplift in wages.

For Our Customers: When you purchase from Salt of the Earth, you are supporting a business that is committed to fair and ethical practices. Knowing that the products you use daily are produced by employees who are paid fairly adds an extra layer of trust and satisfaction.

Looking Forward

We believe that sustainability is about creating a positive impact on the world, and that includes ensuring the well-being of our employees. As we move forward, we continue to look for ways to enhance employee benefits and expand our community outreach. Being a Living Wage Employer is not just a badge we wear—it’s a core part of who we are.

Join Us on Our Journey

We invite you to join us in this journey towards a more sustainable and equitable world. Every purchase you make not only supports environmental sustainability but also promotes fair labor practices. Together, we can make a difference—one deodorant stick at a time.

We are more than just a brand. We are a community, and we are proud to have you with us!


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