Celebrating 5 Years of Compassion: Salt of the Earth's Journey with the Leaping Bunny Programme!

Celebrating 5 Years of Compassion: Salt of the Earth's Journey with the Leaping Bunny Programme!
At Salt of the Earth, we believe in the power of compassion – compassion for ourselves, for others, and for the world around us. Five years ago, we joined the Leaping Bunny Programme, shaping our identity and values.

All of our products, from our deodorant sprays to our refillable roll-ons, natural deodorant sticks, crystals, and even our foaming hand wash, are registered with the Leaping Bunny programme and proudly show The Leaping Bunny logo on the packaging!

Since the beginning, our goal has been clear: to make effective, natural deodorants without compromising on what's right. Becoming part of the Leaping Bunny Programme was just the next logical move in making that happen.

In the last five years, our partnership with the Leaping Bunny Programme has helped shaped our brand's growth and evolution. We've embraced transparency, providing our customers with full visibility into our sourcing, manufacturing, and testing processes. We've cultivated meaningful relationships with suppliers who share our commitment to cruelty-free practices. And most importantly, we've listened to our customers, who consistently support ethical, compassionate products.

As we mark five years with the Leaping Bunny Programme, we're excited about what we've achieved! We've expanded our product range, bringing in new formulas and scents to cater to our wonderful customers. And looking ahead, our commitment to cruelty-free practices remains rock solid.

We're staying committed to our partnership with Leaping Bunny, ensuring we follow their guidelines in everything we do. But we're not stopping there – we'll keep pushing boundaries, exploring new ideas, and aiming for excellence, all while staying true to ourselves and our values.

You can find out more about the Leaping Bunny Programme and their mission here!

To our loyal customers, partners, and supporters: thank you for joining us on this incredible journey. Your trust, your feedback, and your passion inspire us every day. Together, we're proving that compassion isn't just a virtue – it's a powerful force for positive change.


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