Back to School with Award-winning Natural Deodorants

Back to School with Award-winning Natural Deodorants

Aaaaand… breathe, the kids are back to school.   Did you know that our Salt of the Earth natural deodorants are gentle enough to use on young skin?   Tweens and teens who are starting to get sensitive about body odour will find our range amazingly effective and parents can be confident that no controversial chemicals are involved.   Even better, our products are unscented so there’ll be no great clouds of synthetic fragrance choking up the home!   Our cute Travel crystal deodorant has instant appeal and doesn’t take up room in a PE kit and our Natural Spray deodorant format is great on the go and in smelly sports shoes.   The deodorants leave no marks on clothes and last for ages, with spray refills available making even better value for money for hardworking families.

Not just endorsed by Green Parent magazine but actually winner of Best Deodorant 2013 at their Natural Beauty Awards.   We’ve just heard that our Classic has just won Best Natural Deodorant 2013 at the Imperfectly Natural Platinum Awards with the approval of BBC Radio 2’s eco-guru Janey Lee Grace.   Here she is talking about our products:



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